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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Posted on July 4th, 2017

Dhaka and specifically the area known as Hazaribagh is one of the most toxic environments the RiverBlue team traveled to. The chemical smell hung in the air and the air was barely breathable. The water of the Buriganga river was also unrecognizable as water, it felt and looked more like oil then water. The team hadn’t seen anything this toxic in all their travels. Literally toxic coloured water ran out of leather and clothing factories into ditches that ran into the river. We spoke with Seyeda Rishwan Hashan Bangladesh’s chief environmental lawyer who told us that Bangladesh had very strong environmental laws but no will to follow the laws as some of the factory owners were also government officials as well. Our local guide was Pinaki Roy who is an environmental reporter for the Dhaka Daily Star. Pinaki was able to get us access into the leather tannery areas and we were able to see first hand the pollution and toxic chemicals that the workers had to work with everyday, most without shoes or gloves. Dhaka had the worst environment that the RiverBlue team had experienced.