• Hollywood International Independant Documentary
  • Northwest Filmmaker Festival
  • Vancouver International film festival
  • Sedona Film Festival
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival
  • Cineme Verde Film Festival
  • Colorado Environmental Film Festival
  • Eugene International Film Festival
  • New Jersey Film Festival
  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival
  • San Luis Obispo Film Festival
  • Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
  • Transitions Film Festival
  • Water Docs Film Festival
  • San Francisco Green Festival
  • Arizona International Film Festival
  • Canadian International Fashion Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
  • Environmental Film Festival in the Nations Capital
  • NYC Indie Film Fest
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival
  • Sarasota Film Festival
  • Another Way Film Festival - Madrid
  • Caribbean Fashion and Arts Feature Festival
  • Cine Eco - Portugal
  • Cinema Planeta - Mexico
  • EarthxFilm
  • Friday Harbour Film Fest
  • Raindance
  • Reel Earth Environmental Film Fest
  • San Antonio Film Festival
  • San Diego International Film Festival

Find a Screening


We are hosting a number of private and corporate screenings throughout the summer. To host a community or private screening please contact us at info@riverbluethemovie.com


August 13th, Sourcing at Magic, Las Vegas
September 21st, Fashion Film Festival Milan, Italy
June 26th, PVH Corporation, Amsterdam
June 20th, Meredith Corporation, New York City
May 17th, High Tech Media Arts, San Diego
May 17th, Morse High School, San Diego
May 16th, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego
May 15th, World Vision, Victoria, B.C.
May 15th, Francis Parker Upper School, San Diego
April 22nd, Edmonton, Alberta
April 23rd, Spain
April 23rd, Glasgow, Scotland
April 23rd, Edinburgh, Scotland
April 24th, Luxembourg
April 24th, Zaragoza Spain
April 24th, Stockholm
April 24th, Bogotá, Colombia
April 24th, Denmark
April 24th, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
April 24th, Hong Kong
April 24th, San Jose Dos Campos, Sao Paolo, Brazil
April 25th, Croatia
April 25th, London UK
April 25th, United Arab Emirates
April 25th, Netherlands
April 25th, Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 26th, Mexico City
April 26th Escuela Arturo Tejada Cano
April 26th, Campus Düsseldorf, Germany
April 26th, Dhaka, Bangladesh
April 26th, East Lansing, Michigan
April 26th, Washington DC
April 26th, Galicia, Spain
April 27th, Rebouças, Curitiba, Brazil
April 27th, Latvia
April 27th, Cancun, Mexico
April 28th, Paris, France
April 28th, Murcia, Spain
April 28th, Zurich Switzerland
April 28th, Singapore
April 28th, Rebouças, Curitiba, Brazil
April 28th, Philippine Artisan Trade, Philippines
April 29th, Rebouças, Curitiba, Brazil
April 6th, 8th Annual Human Rights Film Festival                                         
March 22nd, Aaniin Community Centre, Markham
March 24th, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Perth Road, Dundee, Scotland presented by Fashion Revolution
February 24th, 11:00am, The London School of Economics and Political Science
February 15th, Nigeria Fashion Revolution
February 8th, Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre, BC
January 30th, Munich Fabric Start
January 17  The Climate Festival, Oslo
November 5th, Vatavaran – International Environmental & Wildlife Film Festival, New Delhi
November 5th, First Sunday Film Series, Watershed Centre
November 3rd, Friday Harbour Film Festival
November 22nd-26th, Turkish Sustainable Living Film Festival
October 14th-21st, Cine’Eco, Portugal
October 12th, Madrid, Cineteca, Another Way Film Festival
October 12th, Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival, Trinidad
October 7th, San Diego Film Festival
October 10th, Fashion Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia
October 1st, Berlin International Film Festival
September 22nd, Borneo Eco Film Festival, Malaysia
September 21st, Thomastown Community River Trust, Ireland
September 21st, Raindance Film Festival, London, UK
September 15th, Patagonia Eco Film Festival, Argentina
September 13th, Planet On Film Festival, Bogota, Columbia
September 9th, Iran International Green Film Festival
August 25th, Green Film Fest, Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 22nd, FIDM, Los Angeles
August 15th, Camina Film Festival, Uruguay
August 1st, San Antonio Film Festival, Texas
August 4th, Transitions Film Festival, Melbourne
July 11th, Madrid International Film Festival
July 10th, Transition Film Festival, Australia
May 31st, Reel Earth Film Festival, New Zealand
May 21st, Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City
May 15th, Private Screening, Los Angeles
May 14th, Cinema Planeta, Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City
May 9th, Private Screening, Explorers Club Film Festival, New York
May 7th, Cinema Planeta Film Festival, Mexico
May 5th, New York Indie Film Festival
May 5th, Cinema Planeta Film Festival, Mexico
April 30th, Seam Siren Private Screening
April 24th, Arizona International Film Festival
April 23rd, San Francisco Green Film Festival
April 22nd, Calgary International Fashion Film Festival
April 22nd, Dallas, EarthxFilm Festival
April 22nd, Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival
April 22nd, Newport Beach Film
April 2,3,4th, Cleveland International Film Festival
April 1,2nd, Sarasota Film Festival
March 29th, Water Docs Film Festival, Toronto Premiere
March 26th, Transitions Film Festival, Australia
March 24th, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, California
March 22nd, World Water Week Event Screening, Kelowna, BC
March 22nd, Brooklyn Fashion & Design Accelerator Screening, New York
March 21st, Washington DC, DC Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital
March 16th, 20th, Slo Film Festival, San Luis Obispo, California
March 17th, Cineculture Film Series, Fresno, California
March 12th, Centennial Theatre Screening, Vancouver
March 9th, BCIT Screening, Telus Theatre
March, 2nd, Salt Spring Film Festival
Feb 24th, Colorado Environmental Film Festival
February, Transitions Film Festival
Feb 12th, New Jersey Film Festival Sedona Film Festival
Feb 12th, Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts
Feb 9th, Available Light Film Festival
Feb 4th, World Community Film Festival
Jan 18h, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Nevada City
Dec 9th, Voices from the Waters, Bangalore, India
Nov 14th, Eugene International Film Festival, Eugene
Nov 12th, 43rd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, Portland
Nov 12th, 43rd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, Portland
Oct 1, 2016, Vancouver International Film Festival – Nominated for the Impact Award