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Posted on September 4th, 2013

“The Zambezi … this is a river the way a river should be.”

Over a three week period, we captured stunning images with the goal of establishing our main character, Mark Angelo, and his passion for the rivers of the world. Scenes of Mark paddling the Zambezi with majestic elephants standing by the shore and massive hippos threatening to overturn his canoe, are used to illustrate that if left to nature, with minimal impact from man, a river is, as Mark says, “a lifeline in the truest sense.”


Mark also speaks with a local river conservationist, Mpisi, a man who for the past 40 years has stood his ground against haphazard development and industrial pollution which has kept the Zambezi River one of the last great rivers of the world. Mpisi tells Mark that he lives 15 kilometers from the river, so he isn’t, in any way, contributing to its pollution – yet he’s close enough to keep a watchful eye on it.


The scenes shot along the Zambezi and on the lip of the stunningly beautiful Victoria Falls showcase the beauty of the African rivers while establishing Mark’s goal to travel from the “good” (here in Africa) to the “bad” in the rest of the world, including his upcoming journeys to India and China.