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4 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Old Jeans

Posted on July 16th, 2014

The simplest way to contribute to the sustainability of our environment is to reuse things that you already have. A lot of people have started to get on board with reusing grocery bags and various household items, but when it comes to fashion many people are hesitant about being seen wearing something that they didn’t buy this year. We’re here to tell you that vintage and denim are in, and there is no better time to start repurposing your closet full of used jeans that you’ve been contemplating throwing out for years.

  1. One of a kind jean shorts

Summer is the perfect time to test your creativity with your old jeans by cutting them in half and creating a fashionable and practical addition to your wardrobe. Half of the time I end up throwing out my old jeans because of the gaping holes in the knees that get bigger every time I put them on. This solution is perfect in that case where you have a pair of jeans that fits perfectly but has seen better days from the knees down. Don’t be afraid to make them your own either. Tie-dye is coming back and it’s a fun way to add colour and originality to any item in your wardrobe.

  1. DIY denim snack bag

I stumbled upon this idea a while ago when looking through the ‘Between the Lines’ blog and was surprised at how easy it was to make. You only need one pair of jeans, a belt (with a buckle on it), scissors, and a needle and thread. It’s easy, practical, and fashionable – what more could you ask for in a DIY project! If you’re not crazy about this style of snack bag, a quick Google search will lead you to many variations and tutorials.

Source: http://pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.ca/2012/10/denim-snack-bag-recycling-project.html

  1. Jean phone case

This is perfect if you have a pair of jeans that you loved the colour of but they sadly no longer fit, or are so mangled that there is only a portion of useable fabric. You basically just cut enough fabric to wrap around your phone, and once you have the right size you sew the sides together. You can use any part of your jeans for this one, and could even get creative by sewing a few different colours of denim together. Back pockets of jeans also often have some sort of cool design, so cutting off both back pockets and sewing them together works too! Why spend money on a phone case when you have a closet full of potential phone cases waiting to be created? Here’s a link to a camera/phone case that uses a back pocket button to make a case that can close: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Camera-Phone-case/

  1. Jean pencil case/bathroom bag

Say you decided to try #1 on this list and now have extra jean legs lying around your house that you seem to have no use for. We have a solution for you! Denim pencil cases/bathroom bags are easy to make and look really cool too. They are perfect for one-of-a-kind gifts for any age and can easily be customized. You can get really creative with this one. Check out the link below for instructions to make this awesome project: http://adashofdiy.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/diy-denim-pencil-case-with-skull/

We want to hear from you and see how you have re-purposed your jeans! Send us a picture and help spread the word about these neat tips for reusing your old jeans.

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